Questions? Let Fade Dispel Your Doubts!

  1. Q. How long does shipping take? 

Please allow 3-5 working days for your order to be shipped to you. Rest assured that our team is working around the clock so you can get your Fade Magic Hair Eraser as soon as possible. 

  1. Q. Which parts of my body can I use Fade on?

The Fade Magic Hair Eraser is safe to be used on knuckles, arms and legs, as well as chest and back. However, we suggest you not overuse it or rub it too hard over your skin to avoid potential irritation. 

Important notes

  • If you have sensitive skin, try it on your arm/legs first before you use it on other delicate parts. 
  • We don’t recommend using Fade Magic Hair Eraser on your underarms or face as the skin in those areas is thin and delicate.
  1. Q. Does the friction caused by rubbing Fade make my skin dark?

No. In fact, its gentle exfoliating action improves your skin’s complexion by removing dead skin cells.

  1. Q. When is the best time to use Fade?

It is best to use it before a bath when your skin is dry.

  1. Q. How often can I use Fade?

You may choose your shaving frequency based on your skin’s tolerance. Some of our users are comfortable using Fade 1-2 times a week, while others prefer a bi-weekly routine. 

  1. Q. I have strawberry skin. Will Fade work for me?

It will! Fade helps improve the appearance of strawberry skin or razor bumps that you usually get from waxing and shaving.

  1. Q. How do I clean and store my Fade Magic Hair Eraser?

After each use, clean your Fade under running water and brush off any debris. Store it in a dry place.